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Stop Acid Reflux With These Heartburn Remedies

May 18, 2013 by admin

Acid reflux presents problems to millions of people around the world each day, but you do not need to be at the mercy of the whims of your stomach. By using these heartburn remedies, you too can finally handle your acid reflux symptoms and get back to living the life that you used to have before heartburn robbed it from you.

I have always thought that the best heartburn remedies are anything that helps produce saliva. Saliva is a natural base, which counters any of the damage that stomach acid may cause. Saliva is also thick and somewhat slimy, so it helps coat the esophagus completely and prevent that feeling of heartburn.

There are a lot of different remedies you can choose from when it comes to getting saliva produced. One of the easiest ways for this is chewing gum. Each time you chew, you release a little bit of saliva, so nothing works better than chewing gum for this purpose. The constant drip of saliva will thoroughly protect the esophagus from stomach acid and help quell any burning chest pain you might get from heartburn.

However, the downside to chewing gum is that it requires that you actually chew the gum. This may not be convenient for dealing with nighttime heartburn as you do not want to interrupt your sleep to sit around and chew gum for 15 minutes.

In this situation, vinegar may work better. A little bit of vinegar can stimulate a large flow of saliva in a very short amount of time. Your body releases saliva in response to acid, and vinegar is acidic (but not nearly as acidic as stomach acid) so it really does help get a lot of saliva out quick so you can stop your heartburn.

Another good trick involving vinegar is to use it in its many forms. You can use it as a marinade for meat, which not only helps produce saliva but also breaks down the meat and makes it easier to digest. Poor digestion can cause heartburn, so this is something that cannot hurt to try.

A final example of a vinegar-rich food is mustard. Mustard has plenty of vinegar and as a result does a pretty good job at stopping heartburn. Try it out and see how it works!

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