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  1. Our Favorite SWTOR Guide

    October 18, 2011 by admin

    Star Wars The Old Republic, or SWTOR, is an MMORPG coming out at the end of 2011 (December 20th, 2011 to be exact). This is the most anticipated MMO release of 2011, and players are really hoping for a game which can actually survive in the overwhelming presence of World of Warcraft. Based on the hype right now, it has a chance to do just that.

    As an example, this SWTOR guide is one of the most popular Star Wars The Old Republic sites on the web, and the game is not even out yet. It has a lot of tips you can use to start being a better player, such as what the classes do and tips for dominating in PvP.

    One thing you can learn right now is the unusual class system in SWTOR. If you have played Rift, it seems to be a bit like that in terms of the amount of variety players will have access to. There are 4 classes for each faction, and each of those classes has two “advanced” classes. This makes for a total of 16 classes. Each of these advanced classes also has 3 talent trees available to it – 2 unique trees and 1 shared tree (shared amongst advanced classes which derive from the same basic class).

    A lot of these advanced specializations actually have different talent trees which allow the class to have different functions. An example of this is the Trooper. The Trooper can become a Commando or a Vanguard. The Commando can become a healer (Combat Medic) or a ranged DPS class (Gunnery). On the other hand, the Vanguard can become a tank (Shield Specialist) or a melee DPS class (Tactics). This means that the Trooper can actually play four different roles: healer, tank, melee DPS, or Ranged DPS. Most of the classes in SWTOR are like this, allowing you to play basically anything in the game with just 1 class.

    Despite this, there are supposed to be a lot of incentives in-game for players to level up several classes. As an example of this, there is something called the Legacy System. This is where players are allowed to get rewards for hitting the level cap and starting a new character. One proposed mechanism for this is unique races which can only be unlocked after you reach the level cap, as well as items you can hand down between players on your account which change as you level up.

    These are all options for Star Wars The Old Republic, so I recommend you keep an eye on the SWTOR guide I mentioned earlier as it is sure to have the inside scoop on all that type of information.

  2. Modern Warfare 3 Guide and Tips

    October 18, 2011 by admin

    Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 comes out in early November, and much like we mentioned in our Battlefield article, it is likely to break sales records and take its own brand to new heights. As a result, players who want to one-up their competitors have been looking for a good Modern Warfare 3 guide. In this article, I am going to reveal to you the top tips and tricks you can use to win more games.

    The first thing you should know about is your killstreak rewards. There are a lot of good killstreak rewards, but players make the mistake of thinking that they should only go for the big ones. Look, let’s be realistic – if you are not very good at the game there is no point in equipping the Tactical Nuke and Chopper Gunner. Just pick some easier killstreaks that you actually have a chance of getting. This will help you level up and get access to some better guns. Once you are a better player at the game, you can always change your killstreaks. At least this way you get more experience points and unlock more things sooner.

    Another thing to consider is your perk selection. A lot of players just pick what sounds good. Instead, you really need to consider what the perk does and how it relates to your weapon. You do not need a perk which keeps you off radar if you are standing far back. You want that if you are on offense and actually close to your opponent.

    Additionally, you should consider using the same perks, at least until you can get the pro versions unlocked. If you do not know what I am talking about, each perk has a “pro” version which gives it more benefits. However, it usually takes some sort of special way to unlock which relates to the first perk. For example, the extreme conditioning pro version is usually unlocked by running a certain distance. This makes sense as extreme conditioning is a perk which lets you sprint for longer distances.

    To help simplify things in this MW3 guide, I would recommend also using the same gun over and over again. This way you will unlock scopes and new sights for it. This will also help you do better. You will not only get a better feel for your gun this way, but you can also unlock pro versions of perks and get new bonuses for your gun. It just makes sense to do it this way in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3.

  3. Battlefield 3 Guide – Our Top Strategies

    October 18, 2011 by admin

    The game on the tip of everyone’s tongue right now is Battlefield 3. This is certainly going to be the biggest surprise release of 2011 in terms of the number of sales and the amount of success this game has. It already has shattered old sales records by ten times over!

    One thing you should know in this Battlefield 3 guide is that you cannot get BF3 on Steam. Steam is the biggest PC gaming portal, so the announcement that players will not be able to download the game on Steam has really hampered the hype around this game.

    You may be wondering why players actually want to buy the game off Steam, and the reason is simple: Steam doubles as a social network and chat client and sells all sorts of games. People log in to Steam to play games so they can chat with their friends and see what games their friends are in. It is a lot like X-Box Live for the computer. No one wants to log into two chat clients in order to see what their friends are doing as that would just be annoying.

    Battlefield 3 does not want to sell their game on Steam because they are planning on introducing downloadable content which you will have to pay for sometime after the game is released. A lot of games nowadays release little things like extra maps or guns and then want you to pay $10 or $15 for the extra content. It is like a mini-expansion which used to be reserved for computer games that has made its way into the mainstream video games thanks to the X-Box and PS3.

    At any rate, once you get on Battlefield 3, the game can be a lot of fun. In this quick guide, I am going to give you a run down of the game. The first thing you should know is that there are four classes you can pick from: the Recon class, the Support kit, the Assault Kit, or the Engineer kit. The Recon player uses Sniper Rifles, the Support player uses light machine guns, the Assault Kit uses assault rifles, and the Engineer kit uses carbines.

    One interesting thing is that in real life, carbines and assault rifles are the same thing. I suspect that Battlefield 3 is throwing in the Carbine name to help differentiate themselves from Modern Warfare 3, as otherwise each game would have the same sorts of guns.

  4. A Solid Barbarian Leveling Guide for Diablo 3

    May 9, 2010 by admin

    The Barbarian is one of the best classes you can play in Diablo 3. The reason for this is that no other class is able to do nearly as much damage as the Barbarian is capable of dishing out to its opponents.

    However, as any good Diablo 3 Barbarian leveling guide would tell you, playing a Barbarian is more than just dealing damage. The trick to leveling up quickly is surviving through the tough encounters, not just plowing your way through the easy stuff. Any class can take down weak enemies, it is the tough enemies that will challenge your skills as a Barbarian.

    The first thing you should know about surviving as a Barbarian is that you can use the Leap skill to escape danger. Rather than always using it to jump into packs of enemies, when you get surrounded, try right clicking to get out of the pack and get some breathing room. You could follow this up with Seismic Slam to deal damage and knock back your enemies even further, buying you the time you need to use a potion.

    Another good survival tactic when leveling as a Barb in D3 is to use a shield. A lot of players look down on using shields because they think it hurts their damage too much. The truth is that shields barely effect your damage, only reducing it by about 15% over dual-wielding. This is nothing worth worrying about when you consider the kind of extra survivability you get with a good shield.

    Speaking of shields, a big newbie mistake is to assume that the most armor on a shield is the best thing there is to it. Instead, you need to look at the “block” value of the shield. This shows you how much damage your shield can actually absorb. If your block value is too low, it will not entirely absorb enemy attacks and as such will not be nearly as good for your Barbarian.

    As a final Diablo 3 Barbarian leveling tip, be sure to keep your gear and weapons up to date. An easy way to do this is to constantly train and level up your Blacksmith. The Blacksmith will be able to craft any item slots you are missing so you will have exactly what you need to reach a high level in Diablo 3.

  5. Dominate Guild Wars 2 With This Guide

    July 27, 2009 by admin

    The new MMORPG Guild Wars 2 is the most anticipated MMO in 2012, and many players are ramping up to play it. The onlyt hing is Guild Wars 2 is a lot different from recent MMORPGs – it is most definitely not a clone of the popular World of Warcraft. As a result, a good Guild Wars 2 guide can really help you get accustomed to the game so you will be ready to dominate on launch day.

    The first thing you should know is that you cannot level up entirely by questing or by killing enemies. You can try to, but you will run out of quests and killing enemies is really slow for earning experience points. I do not recommend this approach.

    Instead, you have to participate in world events that spontaneously spawn all over the map. Participating in these sorts of events can give you a lot of experience points as well as reward you with some extra things you can use to buy equipment with. Definitely not a bad thing at all!

    The next thing you should know about Guild Wars 2 is that its end-game is heavily PvP based. If you do not like to PvP, Guild Wars 2 is not really the MMORPG for you. Games like World of Warcraft provide better experiences for people who want to raid.

    Guild Wars 2 on the other hand is all about world PvP. Their real keystone feature is the World vs World PvP, which places 3 different servers against each other on an enormous map with a variety of objectives that take a long time to capture/lose. It is a pretty fun game but you can spend hours just to take a single keep. Getting these keeps and winning in games increases the overall stats of your realm, allowing all players to do slightly more damage, healing, or make more gold or experience points.

    In short, Guild Wars 2 is a dynamic game and a good guide like Tyria Guide will help you out a lot if you’re thinking about giving it a try.


  6. Rice Cooking Tips – Review How to Make the Perfect Batch

    July 27, 2009 by admin

    If you have ever used a rice cooker, you from reading that making the perfect rice can be fairly difficult. In this brief guide to making the best rice in Plainsboro, we will examine the type of rice cooker you use, review the common types of rice, and give tips on how to work with each type of rice.

    The first thing you need to worry about is your actual rice machine. Expensive machines tend to heat more evenly and are less susceptible to burning rice on the bottom. How important this is to you depends on your individual tolerance and the type of rice you are using. Sticky rices do not burn as easily, whereas American long-grain rices burn more readily. If you don’t want the bottom of your rice burned, be sure to get a nicer rice cooker. Check capacity too.

    Once you have your rice cooker, you should look into types of rice. Most American brands are long grain rice and do not taste very good – certainly not like the kind of rice you get in a restaurant. When you think of typical “Asian” cuisine, you are usually getting short-grain rice. This rice is stickier softer than long grain rice.

    However, Indian restaurants use a lot of Jasmine and Basmati rices, which are medium to long grain and can burn more easily. If you want to use these types of rices, be sure to use a nice rice cooker. Cooking these decently in a pot is very difficult and it never turns out like it will in a restaurant.

    Finally, you need to consider how much water to use. If your rice is burning in your rice cooker, add more water. Each individual type of rice is different and has different water requirements. If your rice is getting burnt, it just means you need to add more water. Not surprisingly, the rices that take longer to cook like brown rice need a lot more water than fast cooking white rices.

    Following these tips will lead you to the best rice in Plainsboro!

  7. Tinnitus Cure – Eliminate Ear Ringing Fast

    February 19, 2009 by admin

    In this article, you are going to discover how to eliminate ear ringing quickly and painlessly. If you have been searching the depths of the internet for a tinnitus cure, you have found the solution to all of your problems.

    The first thing you need to know about tinnitus is that it is not always caused by signals sent to the brain. Sometimes people think of tinnitus as if it is the result of false signals being sent to the brain which is then interpreted as ringing of the ears. Tinnitus is assuredly not that simple.

    Instead, think of tinnitus as being a very similar phenomenon to phantom limb pain. If you are unfamiliar with phantom limbs, this refers to the fact that most amputees who get a limb removed develop pain where that limb used to be. Even though there is nothing there, it feels like it hurts. Often these pains are locked in as the last known configuration of the limb.

    This is a lot like tinnitus. When a very loud noise damages the inner ear and hearing is lost, the last known configuration the brain has of the inner ear is the signal of ringing. Since the brain is now no longer getting any feedback at all from the ear, it keeps reproducing the ringing sound on its own, a lot like with phantom limb pain.

    The answer to this is to use the same sorts of treatment that phantom limb pain sufferers have had success with. In this case, you can try out imagining you are hearing a song and recreate the music as if you were listening to it in the ear that has tinnitus. Try this out for 5 minutes at a time, multiple times per day for a few weeks and you will likely get good relief.

  8. How to Invest Your Money The Right Way

    October 18, 2007 by admin

    A lot of people want to get rich, but they are not certain how to invest their money properly. In this guide, there are some things I am going to tell you about investing and your money which may shock you, so hang tight.

    The first thing you need to know that investing your money through typical means is not a sure-fire way to get rich. Just look at the way the stock market has performed over the last few years and you know exactly what I am talking about.

    There are a lot of people who read that and would say something like “you have to take into consideration the performance of the stock over the course of many years”. Okay, why don’t we do that, and also account for inflation? What you will find is if you invested 1000 dollars in 1966, you would have about $2000-$3000 in comparably-valued money.

    What I mean by this is that while your $1,000 dollars may have turned into $20,000, that $20,000 today only buys about what you could get for $2000-$3000 in 1966. A car back then would cost $2000. A car today costs $17000. This is what inflation does to us.

    When you consider it that way, what we are looking at is only doubling or tripling your money. Most families anywhere in the world are lucky to save $10,000 a year. If you save that much every year, and it triples by the time you retire, we are talking about saving a lot of money every month only to retire and be slightly wealthy, 40 years later, when you are so old you do not have much time left to enjoy your money.

    This is not the way to get rich. The major problem with the whole stock market is that there is no barrier to entry in the market. It takes no specialized skill to buy stock – you just do it. Unless you already have millions of dollars, you would get a much bigger return on your investment by investing into a business and using some of your time.

    Of course, there is more risk involved here. A lot of businesses fail. But the truth is that millionaires and billionaires cannot invest the time that you can into a small business, and as such, they are not real competitors to smaller, local adventures. This is just something to think about if you are interested in the creation of wealth.