golf swing plane trainer

Gifts for golfers: This golf cart handle heater is ‘nice’!

Who has a golfer in the family, should logically think about a typical golf gift. We would like to present a small selection here with prices from 39 € upwards!

World first: Handle heater for JuCad carts

So far, we have kept our hands warm with gloves between the punches or heat pads reasonably. The JuCad handle heating opens a new era of luxury! The heater is simply attached by Velcro around the cart handle of the JuCad electric caddy and connected to the JuCad Powerpack golf swing plane trainer. The handle immediately generates pleasant warmth. Especially for women a heart and hand warmers!

JuCad winter tires

So you drive in the cold season safer and more comfortable on the fairways. The rubber spikes on the tires reduce the contact with the ground by up to 75% and thus enable a place-friendly driving – there is no more spinning of the tires! Practical: The two winter tires can be quickly and easily pulled over the rear wheels … about 50 €

JuCad cigar and cigarette holder:

Elegant and stylish: the JuCad holder made of satined stainless steel is easy to operate with just one hand – and fits all JuCad caddies (80 Euro). We had an extra cigar on the golf course:

Practical Christmas gift: gift set

Wheel bag, bat cloth, racket brush, neoprene ball and tea holder, ball marker set, 12 titanium golf balls, pitch fork, drinks cooler, telescopic ball fishing tackle and 90 extra long wood teas (single price total 150 Euro, set price: 100 Euro).

If you want to dig a little deeper into the bag, everyone is looking forward to a stylish electric trolley! The latest model from JuCad is our first choice: At ‘Ghost’, the design, the stowage in the carrying bag and its handling are child’s play. A new magnetic plug for the battery virtually attracts itself … This fits the perfect braking power, the unique design and the high comfort when driving, maneuvering and the “load” of bags!