The start for more followers on Instagram

Stick to the rules of Instagram

Many out there just want to buy instagram followers and Instagram is aware of that. Also the tactics used to get more followers. What does Instagram want? Instagram wants real users (not bots) who build their followers in real, making the platform attractive to businesses (who then spend money on advertising on Instagram;)).

Therefore, it is important that you keep up to date with the latest (policy) updates on Instagram. For example, it has been announced that Instagram is now actively taking action against the use of third-party apps . So apps that likes, comment or automatically follow other accounts. Users who use these apps / bots to get more Instagram followers need to dress warmly;).

Choose an appealing and unique name

The first thing you need in an appealing username, where people know immediately what they are dealing with and what you stand for. Make sure your displayed name is either your name or describes what you’re doing – especially if you’re starting your Instagram account. The clearer the better. Of course, that also determines what content you publish on your profile and how quickly you can get Instagram followers. This is faster in some niches than in others. It also makes it easier to get more followers on Instagram.

Focus on 2-3 topics on your profile

When selecting a photo, you should keep an eye on the thematic focus of your profile. So it makes little sense to post on a profile about sports that otherwise deals with cars.

Optimize your profile

Your Instagram profile is crucial for the first impression. You want to get an Instagram follower but you do not have a clear profile? Then you will have a hard time gaining more subscribers. It is important that your Instagram profile is appealing and clearly structured. The clearer, the more Instagram followers you will get.

Use a meaningful profile picture

This should be a picture of you (in the case of private accounts) or your logo on company accounts, so that other users can (immediately) recognize your account immediately.

Complete your bio 

Do not forget to specify your website in your buy real instagram followers. Alternatively, you can also link to a published blog article or your own product. Of course, you can also integrate an affiliate link in the website field. In the biography, you should specify what other users expect on your profile. There you can also note your location or a special hashtag. How our own profile is designed, you can see here:

Optimize your pictures

Instagram is a visual platform and therefore very good pictures / content are important. There are some very good apps that will help you to enhance your images / content. Apps I use:

  • A color story
  • TouchRetouch
  • Photo retouch
  • Airbrush

Better pictures will make you get more followers on Instagram. The eye finally eats with;).

Have a uniform design

It is important that you adapt the design to your theme / niche. In addition, Instagram provides you with a huge range of editing options. Make sure that less is sometimes more. Many Instagram users can already see if a filter has been used or not.

The more serious your profile is, the less eye-catching filters you should use. Experiment around what suits you and your brand best, and stick to it. After a while, you’ll see that you’ve gotten more Instagram followers – just through a clear structure.