Actionable Tips to get Youtube Subscribers in 2018

Every vlogger wants more views on their YouTube channel. A lot of people think that gaining popularity and getting more views, “only involves patience.” Or they think that you have to get very lucky or buy subscribers to pad your numbers. Well, that’s not true. Growing your YouTube channel and getting more views can be as simple as these 5 tips.

Focus on Building an Engaged Community

Buy real youtube likes and comments, First of all, your vlogs are the focal point of your YouTube channel, of course, but there’s a lot more to building and maintaining a popular YouTube channel than just making videos. People who watch vlogs and subscribe to YouTube channels that they like want to be able to interact with the vloggers they follow.

Basically, your viewers will come to your YouTube channel to see your videos, but they’ll stay to discuss the topics you cover. And if they get good engagement and interactions from you and other viewers, they’ll stick around and watch more of your videos. A lot of them will also subscribe and continue watching your new content, too.

The more you foster a community of people engaged in conversations related to your vlog topics, the more you’ll have viewers watching your content, discussing it, and then sharing it on social media. As your community grows, so will your channel views.

Collaborate and Cross-Promote With Vloggers

How to buy youtube views and commentsYou can also get more views on YouTube by collaborating with other vloggers in your niche or industry. For example, let’s say that you have a vlog dedicated to fast and easy tricks for glamorous makeup. You could reach out to another vlogger who makes videos about five-minute tips for movie star hairstyles. Your vlog topics complement each other and can be used together effectively, so a collaboration is almost a foregone conclusion.

If the two of you give each other shout-outs or mention each other on social media, you can encourage your viewers to take a look at their work, and they’ll encourage their own viewers to check out your YouTube videos, too. You’ll both increase your audiences almost instantly. You can also do a collab video or trade guest vlogs on each other’s vlogging channels for a little bit of cross-promotional fun, too.

Start a Blog or Website for Your YouTube Channel

Next, you can make it easier for new viewers to find you by creating a website or blog for your YouTube channel. As you write blog posts about what goes on behind the scenes, how you choose vlog topics, and what’s going on in your niche or industry, be sure to include useful keywords that your fans will search for.

If you include a good keyword density (about one keyword for every hundred words of text) and embed your YouTube videos in your blog posts, you’ll rise in the ranks on Google search results. Be warned, though; don’t sacrifice the quality of your writing to stuff keywords into your content. This will actually have the opposite effect, as the developers at Google have worked very hard to ensure that only quality content that’s relevant to searchers’ interests appears at the top of their SERPs (search engine results pages).

When you create a quality blog or website as a companion to your YouTube channel, people will search for related keywords/phrases and find your content compelling and interesting. They’ll enjoy reading your blog posts, and they’ll get to view your videos, too, thereby driving up your YouTube views.

Social Media Marketing

Now, let’s talk about marketing your YouTube channel and getting more people to see it. Social media is your most powerful tool for this. Create profiles for your channel on all of the social networks that your viewers use. Be sure to link to them in your YouTube channel’s about page and in your video descriptions. Be sure to talk about them in your videos, as well.

Invite your current viewers to follow you on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, or Google+ for exclusive behind-the-scenes images and footage, news and updates, cool ideas they won’t see anywhere else, and other fun posts. On your social media pages, be sure to post consistently and keep it entertaining and informative.

Encourage your followers to share your videos on their accounts, and when they do, their followers will see your videos and can click the link to see even more. To get even more exposure, use appropriate hashtags on your video posts, and people who don’t follow you but have similar interests will find you when they look at those particular categories.

Post consistent, quality content. Use hashtags and reach out to other vloggers on social media, and you’ll be on your way to gaining more views and more subscribers on YouTube, too.

Do Some Keyword Research

Finally, be aware of the keywords you use. Are they really words and phrases that your viewers are searching for? You can find out which keywords are most frequently searched with one of several free or inexpensive keyword research tools.

Choose from such services as the Google AdWords Keyword Planner, Word Tracker, Bing’s keyword research tool, and many others. Simply knowing which keywords are currently trending in your niche or industry is enough to improve your channel’s reach and get more people watching.

Follow these simple tips, and you should see significant improvements in your YouTube views. Your audience will start to grow almost immediately and will continue to grow as you continue to implement the right research and some social media marketing. Add these to some strategic networking and great video content, and you’ll be on the right path to maintaining a highly successful vlogging channel.