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5 tips for more coverage on Instagram

Getting Instagram followers has become more difficult. There are now more than a billion Instagram users worldwide. 700 million even use Instagram every day. Among them, there are also 25 million companies – 2 million of them even advertise on Instagram.

While there is a lot of range possible, the competition is strong. There is no formula for success that you can use to make you promise many new followers. Still, there are many things you can do to get more coverage on Instagram via buy instagram comments fast.

Why do I need more coverage on Instagram?

Over 25 million companies are already active on Instagram – 2 million even as advertisers. 80 percent of all Instagram users also follow at least one company. The relevance of the network to brands and companies is obvious. After all, it’s almost always about getting Instagram followers to make money in some way. This happens in a direct way, for example through the marketing and sale of products. Some bloggers and Instagrammer are now making money by paying for advertising contributions. Indirectly, however, it can also be the case in which companies and companies are present for their potential customers. Is a company on Instagram always present for a user and there is an emotional connection, he will rather resort to this brand. You can score here with authenticity and provide insights behind the scenes to win the trust of customers.

Companies can generate new target groups with their own company accounts. But even in the long term, a positive presence on Instagram can lead to a consistent brand image that Instagram users even want to consume in their free time.

Tip # 1: quality instead of quantity

Especially because of the increasing competition on Instagram, the quality has prevailed. Quality goes before quantity. Instagram is an aesthetic platform and beautiful images with good resolution are desired. The claims are high and the followers do not forgive a bad photo. Give up on a post that you are not 100% convinced that harming your account with low quality.

Also image editing programs are a must-have. They give your account a consistent look and users know immediately who the picture belongs to when a new picture appears in their feed. Once you’ve found your style, followers know what they’re getting into, and have no reason to dislike you. Are you image editing programs too expensive, you can of course also choose one of the Instagram filters.

Tip # 2: Stories as Range Boosters

While there were 300 million stories on Instagram every day in November 2017, the number has risen to 400 million stories every day. Stories are the new feed. The interaction in the conventional feed decreases and the users distribute fewer likes and comments. Stories, however, benefit from the fact that they are played in a row and the space is not as limited as in the feed.

They work according to the well-known principle of marketing psychology: scarcity. A story is only available 24 hours, which means that they are particularly exclusive to the user and encourage them to prefer the content to others and to consume it quickly.

If you want to increase your reach on Instagram quickly and effectively, you should definitely start to use stories actively and daily. The possibilities that Instagram offers to expand your story, you should exhaust. You can optionally add your location and a hashtag. For example, if you use the #onlinemarketing hashtag, you will be guaranteed to find it in the associated hashtag story, which is available nationally and internationally, depending on the hashtag. The same applies if you give your location. For both the hashtag and the location, it is a real insider tip not to choose too big places and hashtags. There they own contribution goes under quickly.

Depending on how big your account already is, you can gain up to 500 percent, according to Basic Thinking! Depending on how many followers the account already has, the growth can be different. Especially small accounts are likely to achieve even more growth.

Tip # 3: Work with other users

Working with influencers is always good for range generation. As a company, you can pick and choose influencers that fit your brand. They then introduce their products to their community and tell them how convinced they are. However, well-known Instagrammer are paying dearly for these services, so this type of Instagram advertising should be more relevant to large-budget companies.

In general, you can also work together with other users. A simple way is to link to each other, both in stories and in posts. This will alert your community to a new account and vice versa – a win-win situation.

Tip # 4: Interaction and linking

This is where a lot of hard work comes into play. Interacting with other users is essential and through much interaction, you can achieve a lot. On Instagram, there are different types of interaction that can lead to more reach on Instagram. The Liken of random images is a possibility. This will make other accounts aware of you and possibly thank you and become new followers to your account.

Comments on contributions from others and your own can lead to interesting conversations and partnerships. Creating a connection between the users and you is critical to engaging in your profile. Next time someone comments on a post from you, you should respond and interact.

If you withdraw your subscriber, you show interest and build a bond. When you meet them loosely and openly, a more intimate relationship automatically arises. Through likes and comments you show a permanent presence, which in the long term has a positive impact on your reach.

Of course, the link with your other social media channels should not be missing. Users who are active on Instagram may also be on Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and Co. If you have channels in other social networks, make them aware of each other. You can also easily link your Instagram to your Facebook profile.

Tip # 5: #Hashtags set

Any number of hashtags can arbitrarily string together. The important thing is the right use of hashtags. Maybe you have already noticed in your feed, as soon as an Instagrammer ranks an infinite number of hashtags like #like4like or #follow4follow underneath its picture, this does not seem to be professional anymore. It seems like a quiet cry for likes and followers, the quality and aesthetics of the contribution is lost. Above all, you will not get followers who are seriously interested in your account. But even without hashtags is a mistake. Instagram posts with at least one hashtag get at least 12.6 percent more interaction than posts that do without hashtags altogether.

But how many hashtags should one use? For the best performance, you have to find out for yourself. On the one hand, a study by Smart Insights, a market research institute, has shown that the optimum number of hashtags used is less than ten. On the other hand, every hashtag means potential reach – logical. Especially since users can subscribe to hashtags, each hashtag can affect visibility.

Here’s our recommendation to test out what works best for you and your account. It is important to note that you should only use relevant hashtags. Use a keyword tool to research suitable hashtags for you. Another way to search for relevant hashtags is to search the app. If you enter a specific keyword here, you will be offered similar hashtags that may be relevant to you.