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5 Tips For Buying A House Without Problems

Buying a house is one of the 3 most stressful moments in a person’s life. The other 2 are the wedding and the birth of the first child we buy home. Therefore, we want to give you some tips to help you buy without problems.

  • Act quickly. Many buyers miss the opportunity to buy the perfect house just because it was the first one they visited. It is normal and advisable to compare before buying but do not be surprised if the first home you see is the best one. When you’ve seen a lot of houses and want to buy the first, maybe it’s too late. It is also important that when you find your home house, you can buy it at once. Therefore, talk to your bank first to see the mortgage and if you need to sell your current home, do it before you start looking.
  • Make a list of priorities. When buying a house there is always an emotional part. To avoid that your emotions make you make a bad decision, we recommend making a list with the 5 things that you have to have yes or yes the house of your dreams. When you visit homes, take this list and go through the elements that each house has. This will help you choose the house that meets your requirements and will prevent you from discarding houses simply because you do not like the current decoration.
  • Buy the view, not the house. This advice is especially useful in coastal areas, where views are very important. If the house has spectacular sea views but inside is poorly maintained, do not miss that opportunity and buy it. You can always make reforms and put it to your liking. On the contrary, a renovated house without sea views cannot be added later.
  • Check that everything is correct. Before buying a home, it is convenient to review certain documentation, such as receipt of the IBI, debts of the community and possible spills, possible charges that the house has, inventory of furniture, etc. If you want to make sure everything is correct, seek advice from a good real estate agent.
  • Make the offer firm. When you find the house you like, make an offer in writing and contributing at least € 500. This way, your real estate agent will be able to negotiate better with the owner and there will be more possibilities for your offer to be accepted. It is also important to sign a deposit contract before going to Notary where the agreed conditions are reflected to avoid disputes between buyer and seller after signing.