5 Myths About Astrology That You Should Stop Believing

Whether or not you believe in the influence of the stars, you most certainly know what your zodiac sign is and, shielded in the excuse that it is a “hobby,” you have read your horoscope more than once. We have all done it because we all love knowing a little more about ourselves and there is a strange narcissistic enjoyment in which our personality, better qualities and strengths are described. In addition to that, deep down, we want to identify with many of the things that our zodiac sign says about us, rather than check if those things are true or not good omen meaning.

Many people believe that astrology is “fashionable”, although we know that it is one of the oldest disciplines of humanity. All the first civilizations observed the sky, studied it and learned to interpret it and incorporate these interpretations into their daily lives. So we can say that astrology is fashionable, yes, but it has been more than 2,000 years old. Despite being as old as civilization itself, there are still many myths around it that we must stop spreading and start fighting. We list the five most important.

1. Astrology has to do with magic and divination

This myth is false: astrology is much more scientific method than magic. It is about observing data, creating interpretation systems and applying them, much more than esotericism. The planets and the way they are aligned are physical phenomena, not supernatural ones.

2. Astrology determines everything that happens to you in life

This myth, besides being false, is dangerous. The only person who determines your destiny is yourself. Your actions or omissions are responsible for anything that happens to you, not the stars. Astrology is only a tool that helps you make better decisions regarding these actions.

3. Astrology predicts the future

Just as astrology does not determine your destiny, it cannot predict the future. The planets will never reveal the lottery numbers or tell you who will win the next World Cup. The knowledge they offer you is not about the world, but about yourself.

4. Astrology is only about horoscopes

Horoscopes, as we know them today, appeared only in the 30s of the last century, when a newspaper had the idea of ​​including astrological predictions based on the zodiac signs in its publication. Astrological studies are hundreds of years old and deal with many other issues, not just that.

5. There is a thirteenth zodiac sign

Ophiuchus is a thirteenth constellation newly discovered in the sidereal ellipsis; however, the zodiac ellipsis – a reference point for the study of the zodiac – still has only 12 constellations. That has not changed, nor will it change because of the discovery of Ophiuchus.